Life is all about those rare happy moments and I like to capture them, raw…real and therefore beautiful, as they happen


I have been a destination wedding videographer for the last 20 years, but my love for original, documentary-like storytelling never faded. Each and every couple I met and filmed was unique and for that I am grateful, as they inspired my work. It is your personality and your love that constantly fuels my imagination; this is why I want you to be yourself. Just be spontaneous, without any guidance or intervention on my behalf and I will discretely be there to capture the momentum.



I identify magical moments in real time and film them to create unique wedding stories


To achieve that I embrace the natural flow of events and highlight even the most subtle emotional responses and interactions, especially those that usually go unnoticed. These documentary aspects inject timeless quality and allow the natural beauty of your destination to emerge harmoniously. This is my vision; to create destination wedding movies that remind people how lucky they were to be a part of these stories…


Aris Aggelou